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"Diversity Through Action"

We curate and execute customized initiatives, programs and events for organizations to meet their specific diversity & inclusion objectives.

Dar'shun Kendrick, CEO & Founder

Featured in Huffington Post:

"25 People Positioned to Scale Atlanta's Growing Inclusive Technology Start Up Ecosystem for Black Americans and Beyond."

Our Vision

To increase diversity (1) in public policy decisions by electing and supporting diverse political leaders and creating more diversity in public policy influencers closer to local and national demographic make-up AND (2) in business decisions by increasing prepared individuals for service on public corporate boards and in officer positions by 25% over the next 5 years and by creating powerful groups that aggregate capital to create influence through partnership coordination, program and initiative planning, presentations and trainings and research and development.

Exclusivity Guarantee

Any program or initiative we curate for you will be available only for your organization for as long as we are your consultants.

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Programs & Initiatives

"Diversity Through Action"

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