Preliminary Agenda for 2018 BIT Policy Conference

*Subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Chair
  • 8:30-9:00 am: Registration & Networking (ATL City Hall Old Chambers)
  • 9:00-9:30 am: Opening Ceremony
    • Call to Order, Mistress of Ceremony
    • Welcome to Conference, Horace Williams
    • Welcome to City Hall, Councilman Dickens
    • Reason for the Occasion/Call to Action Primer, Dar'shun Kendrick
    • Remarks, Rodney Sampson  
    • State of Blacks in Tech, Dr. Kevin Woods
    • Call to Action, GLBC Rep.
    • Overview of policy targets: Where They Are And Why?, Dar'shun
  • 10:00-12:00: Policy Presentations *20 mins each (K-12 education, Higher Ed, Ecosystem building, Capital formation)
    • Call to Order, Mistress of Ceremony
    • Cybersecurity
    • FinTech
    • Health IT
    • Energy
    • Open: Government Contracting?
  • 12:00-2:00 pm: Awards Lunch (ATL City Hall Auditorium)
    • Serve lunch
    • Call to Order, Mistress of Ceremony
    • Introduction of Keynote speaker, Horace Williams
    • Keynote remarks, Ashley Bell, Southeast Regional Administrator for the Small Business Administration
    • Presentation of Awards, Dar'shun & other legislators, Rodney, Kevin, Horace & LaShong
    • Next steps, Mistress of Ceremony
  • 2:00-4:00: "Advocacy in Action" (ATL City Hall Old Chambers)4-4:30: Closing Ceremony/Instructions (off campus)
    • The importance of advocacy: Call to Action- Kevin Myles, Southeast Field Director for Georgia NAACP and Nse Ufot with New Georgia Project
    • The legislative process- Ashley Robinson & Genny Castillo, COO of Blue Institute
    • Ways to advocate- Stacey Chavis and Shannan Reaze with Atlanta JWJ
    • Accountability & Follow Up- Horace Williams with Empowrd app
  • 5-6:30: VIP Reception (Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center)
    • Welcome, Horace Williams
    • Intro of Morehouse President, Dar'shun
    • Remarks from Morehouse College President
    • Intro of Tiffany Bussey, Rodney
    • Remarks from Tiffany Bussey with Morehouse Entrepreneurship Institute
  • 7-9 pm- Gubernatorial Debate (Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center)
    • Call to Order, Mistress of Ceremony
    • Recognition of special guests/candidates, Jason Spight
    • Why this is an important debate, Sponsor
    • What we'd like to hear from candidates, Honorary Chair
    • Role of the Governor, Dar'shun 
    • Introduction of moderators, Mistress of Ceremony
    • Introduction of candidates, Moderators Rodney Sampson AND ???
    • Debate
    • Closing Remarks, Chair and Co-Chair of Conference
    • Remarks from Morehouse College President
    • Remarks from Tiffany Bussey with Morehouse Entrepreneurship Institute
Sponsorship Opportunities
  • $10,000 (Presenting Conference Sponsor) ​- All benefits of reception sponsor but conference named after sponsor. [Limit: 1]
  • $5,000 (Reception Sponsor)- All benefits of tech investor plus 1 person on planning committee and reception named after sponsor. [Limit: 2]
  • $2,500 (Tech Investor)- All benefits of Tech Innovator plus host an advocacy section from choices given. [Limit:8-10]
  • $1,000 (Tech Innovator)- All benefits of Tech Entrepreneur plus ability to put information in gift bags and on registration table.
  • $500 (Tech Entrepreneur)- Display table. Logo and name on all marketing material for conference.

Meet Our Sponsors

2nd Annual GA Blacks in Tech Policy Conference

Uber logoThe Cola FamilyMike Ross

2018 GA Blacks in Tech Policy Conference Objectives:

Objective: (1) To present policy and initiative recommendations to members of the Georgia legislature, particularly to the 61 members of the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus, AND (2) to learn how to effectively advocate for policy changes.

2nd GA BIT PC Award Nominations
All at podium BIT DOA

Join the policy committee!

Cybersecurity * Healthcare IT * FinTech * Energy

LogoAll at podium BIT DOA

I am pleased that we were able to pass HR 1036, a resolution to urge the state of Georgia to fund a public awareness campaign to encourage students into computer science jobs.

Stats from Our 2017 BIT Policy Conference

We build the real value

  • Over 300 registrants for event
  • 27 Members of the Georgia House of Representatives and Senate
  • 14 corporate sponsors/partners
  • 7 awardees in the field of diversity in tech
  • 1 proclamation from the Atlanta City Council
  • 1st EVER GA Blacks in Tech Day of Action at the State Capitol, where Rodney Sampson addressed the GA House of Representatives and there was a forum sponsored by the Georgia Legislative Black Caucus
  • Over 2 hours of policy proposals resulting in 4 proposed pieces of legislation
  • 15 black tech displays
  • 5 media pieces
  • 14 members of the planning committee

2018 GA Blacks in Tech Policy Conference Co-Chairs

Introducing the co-chairs


Dar'shun Kendrick

Visionary & Chair
Rodney Sampson

Rodney Sampson


Opportunity Hub, Founder


2018 Planning Committee

The visionaries who will make this event a success!

Horace Williams

Horace Williams

Committee Co-Chair
Councilman Dickens

Councilman Andre Dickens

Venue Host
Ronal Mangum Headshot-page-001

Ronald Mangum

Policy Committee Co-Chair
Jae Brown Headshot

Jae Brown

Policy Committee Co-Chair
John Moss Headshot

John Moss

Vendor Coordinator
TaShan Parks Twyman

TaShan Parks Twyman

Communications Chair
Jason Spight

Jason Spight

Elected Official/Candidate Liaison
Kiona Byrd

Kiona Byrd

Logistics Chair
Errika Mallett

Day of Action Coordinator

Johnny Williams

Sponsorship Coordinator

Our 1st "Blacks in Tech" Policy Conference Honorees

2017 BIT Policy Conference

Rodney Sampson

Rodney Sampson


Opportunity Ecosystem;

Partner, TechSquare Labs

GA's "Blacks in Tech" Chair's Award for Overall Ecosystem Building

This award is given to the individual that has demonstrated an overall commitment to building the black tech ecosystem in every area.

Ayana Gabriel

Ayana Gabriel

Arthur M. Blank Foundation

GA's "Blacks in Tech" Award for K-12 Early Support

Individual that has championed education of technology in the black community for grades K-12.

Paul Judge

Paul Judge

Luma, TechSquare Labs

GA's "Blacks in Tech" Award for Capital Formation & Growth

Individual that has raised or facilitated raising capital in the black tech community.

Kunbi Tinuoye

Kunbi Tinuoye


GA's "Blacks in Tech" Award for Media Amplification

Individual that has promoted blacks in tech in media and other public relations medium.

Councilman Andre Dickens

Councilman Andre Dickens


GA's "Blacks in Tech" Award for Adult Education

Individual that has championed blacks in tech education outside of the formal education system.

Mike Ross

Mike Ross

MHR International, Inc.

GA's "Blacks in Tech" Award for Investments

Individual that has consistently and aggressively invested in the black tech community.

Nicole Jones

Nicole Jones

Delta Air Lines

GA's "Blacks in Tech" Award for Corporate Innovation

Individual that has unapologetically advocated for corporate participation in the elevation of blacks in technology.

Tiffany Bussey

Tiffany Bussey

Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center

GA's "Blacks in Tech" Award for Higher Education

Individual that has supported and promote blacks in tech in higher education.