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(We have (1) Services Consultations [to discuss services only] and (2) Hourly stategic consultations [to provide consulting services]


Service Guides- These guides are designed to provide general guidance to your organization.

Guide Flier

In the Top 10 "Dos and Don'ts" of Advocacy Guide, you will receive:
*"Insider tips" about the legislative process in Georgia
*Top 5 "Dos" and "Don'ts" of Advocating for Change
*A general guide to get started on your advocacy strategy

In the Business Development Checklist Guide, you will receive:
*A comprehensive 10 point form to evaluate your business
*The ability to email me the form for a free evaluation and suggestions
*A reference guide to share with those in your organization about your overall business structure

In the Crowdfunding Guide, you will receive:
*A brief history and overview of crowdfunding
*A general comparison between federal and state crowdfunding
*Suggestions for a successful crowdfunding campaign


Each purchase of a guide is credited towards a 1 hour consultation ($250/hour) if booked within sven (7) business days of purchase of the guide.

Guide Options

NOTE: The guide(s) will be emailed to the address used to purchase the guides.

Our value propositions

Vision Statement

To increase diversity in organizations' client base, supply chain, and employee and management structure in every industry and present and facilitate unique business opportunities for diverse firms through strategic planning, implementation and knowledge AND to effect policy change throughout the United States that supports more inclusive policies for minorities and women.


What are our fees?

Because each project is unique and customized, our fees are based on a variety of factors. Please feel out the form below for your own quote.

Why aren't fee ranges posted?

Because we want to get to know your specific needs so we can give an accurate quote. 

Do you charge by the hour?

Yes, and No. For certain projects, we charge flat, all-inclusive fees per consulting project. For purely consulting services where we are not involved in execution, we charge per hour.

Where can I get a preliminary quote of your fees?

By filling out the form below. Someone will contact you to obtain more information before finalizing the quote.


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We will respond within 24 hours. Only an estimate and non-binding.

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