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Tool Kit Center

Below you will find some helpful tools on your journey towards your capital raise.

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Our Investor Readiness Academy (IRA) will include the following topics (more will be added).

Our Investor Readiness Academy (IRA) will include the following topics(more will be added).
  1. Course 1- Debt vs. Equity (or both)- View & Purchase course.
  2. Course 2- So you want to raise equity capital: Well…which kind?
  3. Course 3- Selling Your Businesses 
  4. Course 4- The Internal Docs: SAFE, CAFEs, Convertible notes, etc. 
  5. Course 5- Determining your Financial Strategy for Raising Capital (through regulatory exemptions)
  6. Course 6- Figuring out the Finances in Your Favor: Cap Table, Valuation and and the 4 horseman (4 financial statements)
  7. Course 7– IP: Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents Law 
  8. Course 8 – The Offering document: THE document for protection
  9. Course 9– The Pitch deck
  10. Course 10- The Pitch
  11. Course 11- Managing the Management: Who are the partners to get you there?- Founders Agreements
  12. Course 12- Putting Together the People (inc. strategic partnerships) and Processes: Best Practices
  13. Course 13– Pitch feedback from guest panel (Zoom)
  14. Course 14- Networking (for class participants) with partnership



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To help you better understand the capital raising compliance requirements

From the Securities & Exchange Commission (S.E.C.)

S.E.C. Capital Raising Resources

Co-authored publications

From Founder Dar’shun Kendrick

Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)

U.S. Business Facts


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